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Nart Pool Lift (Fixed)


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First and Only in Europe and Balkans Stationary Pool Lift Meet NartPool Lift…

NartPool Stationary Pool Lift for disabled and elderly people; Hydrotherapy (water therapy) pools, Hotel and Spa-Thermal Centers, Municipal Pools and Sports Facilities are the safest auxiliary pool transfer equipment.

During the hydrotherapy (water therapy) treatment, which is beneficial for the physical development of the disabled and the elderly, the safe transfer of people to the water is very important. NartPool Pool Lift is the biggest auxiliary equipment of rehabilitation centers and physiotherapists.

The Nartpool lift pool lift, which is the most comfortable water access system that can be offered to the guests who wish to benefit from the healing waters of the thermal waters of the Hot Springs-Thermal Facilities, which is preferred for many health reasons, also increases customer satisfaction. Having access to the pool and treatment equipment in the facilities is also the biggest factor for European elderly tourists who prefer to prefer our country in health tourism. The hotels, especially elderly or disabled customers can access all indoor and outdoor pools with the Nartpool Lift Pool lift without companion support.In addition to public municipal or sports pools, NARTPOOL Lift can also be applied on the scaffolding if it is suitable for installation on the beaches and in the appropriate size.

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What is the Difference of NartPool Lift Disabled Pool Lift?

  • NartPool lift Pool Lift can be applied in all indoor and outdoor pools.
  • NartPool Lift Elderly Pool Lift is installed and used without any damage even in high-temperature spa pools like 38-40 degrees.
  • NartPool Lift Disabled Lift is made of stainless aluminum and is not affected by pool chlorine or sea water.
  • NartPool lift Handicapped Pool Lift has a carrying capacity of 150 kg.
  • NartPool Lift Patient Pool Lift is compatible with all pools and can be assembled in max.1 hour.
  • NartPool Lift Pool Lift works with battery-actuator, which is a maintenance-free system and does not require old systems such as electricity or water pressure.
  • The NartPool Lift Pool Lift provides safe access to and from the pool without the need for companion.
  • During the installation of the water-pressure fixed pool lift, an appropriate mounting hole must be drilled on the edge of the pool while such drilling is not required in the NartPool Lift.
  • Safe and fast operation is provided with a simple fixation from 4 points.Battery powered systems operate a little faster than water pressure elevators.Considering the power exerted by the water pressure on the system, this period may also take longer than the weight of people.Therefore, even if there is a weight increase in battery powered systems, faster and safer transfer is provided without decreasing the up and down speed of access to water.
  • NARTPOOL Lift pool transfer lift is guaranteed for 2 years.
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Technical Specifications

150 kg carrying capacity
All stainless steel construction
Water etching, high temperature etc. Corrosion resistant
Abrasion and corrosion resistant paint
External charger
Emergency rescue system
Foldable armrest
Emergency stop button
Safety belt
Adjustable footrest
Waterproof hand control

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